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Roster Cards  $25.95

Team roster cards/sheets list player names, jersey numbers, and optional parent names/phone numbers, and can be handed out to team parents to easily identify players and other parents.

  • You supply your team's info, choose the size and we'll design a high-quality printable PDF file (8.5x11).

  • No more guessing names and numbers.

  • Use your organization/team colors and logo.

  • Easy to print and laminate!

  • Simple, quick, and professional!

Sports roster cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my team's roster information?

After checkout, you will be sent to a page with two types of downloadable files (Microsoft Word .DOCX or Microsoft Excel .XLSX) to submit your roster information. You will enter your team's roster information and save your file. Then just email us your data file. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word or Excel software, we can provide you with additional instructions on how to submit your roster.

Can I make a change after my roster cards were already emailed?

We will make up to two edits (players / coaches dropped / added, jersey number changes, etc.) per card/season at no charge. After the second edit, changes can made for an additional $9.00 fee.

How long does it take to get my printable roster card PDF file?

The typical turn-a-round time is 24-48 hours.

How should I print my roster cards?

You will print our PDF file with your software's (Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview) "Page Scaling" feature is set to None with auto-rotated/centered selected and, Page Setup is set to 100%.

How can I laminate my cards?

You can print the parent roster cards on regular white paper and have the sheets laminated (Staples or Kinko's), then trim along the dotted lines. If you laminate, you might also want trim each corner tip of the cards at 45 degree angle to dull the pointed corner of the laminated cards… they can be sharp when laminated.

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