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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my team’s roster details??
Upon completing your purchase, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download roster submission templates in Word (DOCX),  Excel (XLSX), Apple Numbers, and OpenDocument (ODT) formats. Input the required data, save, and then email us the file. If you can’t access these formats, reach out to, and we can discuss alternatives like Google Docs or Apple iCloud.



Will I get a preview of my label?
Absolutely! We’ll forward a digital proof of your label for approval before finalizing the PDF or starting the printing process.



Which label types are compatible for printing at home?
Our templates fit Avery #8163 (inkjet), Avery #5263 (laser), or any 2"x4" labels, with 10 labels per sheet.



How many printed labels come with an order?
Each order includes 200 labels (20 sheets with 10 labels each). That supports 66 games using 3 labels/scoresheet, or 50 games using 4 labels/scoresheet.


What information do I need to submit with my order?
You will submit player numbers, first/last names, team staff names, organization name, team level, team primary color, and org/team logo. Additionally, all USA Hockey teams must designate a Head Coach along with all coaches Coaching Education Program (CEP) card numbers, CEP levels, and the year the CEP level was attained for each coach. (NOT THE EXPIRATION DATE - USA Hockey Rule 505 - Official Scorer – see below).


(a) Before the start of the game, the “OFFICIAL SCORER” shall obtain from the Manager or Coach of both teams a list of all eligible players of each team. The Official Scorer shall secure the names of the Captain and Designated Alternate(s) from the Manager or Coach of each team and will indicate each by placing the letter “C” or “A” opposite their names on the scoresheet.

(For all Youth and Girls’ Classifications) Prior to the start of the game, the Official Scorer shall obtain on the scoresheet the signatures of all coaches of each team, one of whom shall be designated as Head Coach, along with the CEP card number, CEP level and the year the CEP level was attained for each coach. 

How soon will I receive my labels?
The typical turn-around time is less than 24 hours for the printable PDF label file and 3-5 business days to receive shipped printed labels.
NOTE: We no longer ship printed labels to Canada.


How and where do you ship your printed labels from?
For PDF labels, expect them in under 24 hours. Printed labels typically arrive within 3-5 business days. 
NOTE: We no longer ship printed labels to Canada.

What's the difference between scoresheet labels/stickers and parent roster cards?

Scoresheet labels have team roster and coach details for game scoresheets. Parent roster cards list player names, jersey numbers, and parent names, aiding identification.

Where can I check coaches' USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) information (names, levels, dates, etc.)?
You can search the USA Hockey Coaching Certification List database at:

NOTE: You need to click on the coach's name in the search results to view the date the CEP level was attained.


Can I make a change after my label was already emailed/shipped?
For emailed/printable PDF label orders, we will make up to two edits (player/coaches dropped/added, jersey number changes, etc.) per label/team/season (seasons: fall/winter or spring/summer) at no charge. After the second edit, changes can be made for an additional $9.00 fee. For label orders that were printed and shipped, we will make the edits, reprint and ship the labels (200) for an additional $29.95 re-print fee.

Why are my printed labels not fitting perfectly?

  • Make sure you’re using 2x4 inch labels, 10 labels per sheet. (Example: Avery #5613, Avery #5263, Avery #8163, Avery #8363

  • Confirm that your Adobe Reader (or Apple's Preview - Mac users) software “Page Sizing & Handling” option is set to “Actual Size”, not “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages.” Also, under Orientation select “Auto portrait/landscape” or "Portrait." Also, confirm Page Setup is set to 100%.

  • Use the pre-printed measurement guide at the bottom of the file/printed sheet. Use a ruler to measure the pre-printed rules and if the measurements are not accurate, your print settings are reducing — check your print settings.

  • The printed label box width (see below image) should measure approximately 1.75 inches across the 2-inch wide label. If your printed box does not measure 1.75 inches across, then your page scaling/setup is set incorrectly.

  • TIP: Try printing a single test print on a regular sheet of white copy paper and hold/line-up up to a label sheet, against a light source to see how the “fit” is.

hockey game scoresheet label layout print setup
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